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Retail cards: Save 20 percent now for the chance to pay more later Written by Maryalene LaPonsie The sign calls to me every time I go grocery shopping: Apply now! Save an additional 10 percent! Amazon reminds me every time I make a purchase that I could be saving $30 (!) if only I would sign up for their rewards credit card. And it doesn't matter if I am in Sears, JC Penney or ...
Before you say yes to a store credit card Written by Geoff Williams You've clipped your coupons. Scanned the ads. Cleaned out the trunk of your car. You're ready to shop for your family, your friends, your co-workers and the aunt you see only once a year, but are you ready for the question you'll invariably be asked every time you whip out your wallet? "Do you have a ...
Would You Buy a New TV for $29,811? Written by Commercial America's version of "Ho, Ho, Ho!" is "No, No, No!" NO waiting—buy now—with NO interest and NO payments year...or maybe the year after...or maybe even four years from now. Many of the largest electronics retailers, as well as furniture stores, car dealers and other merchants who sell pricey items, have teamed up with credit ...

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