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How One Credit Card Fee Actually Helps Consumers Written by
July 20, 2009
Credit card merchant fees (also called interchange fees) are the latest target of politicians, consumer groups and some retailers. I for one, though, don't really mind these under the radar fees for several reasons. Lawmakers have decided to take their campaign against the credit card industry beyond the sweeping new provisions of the new credit card [...] Posted in: Cash Back Credit Card Best Credit Card Deals Credit Card Laws Rewards Credit Card
Protecting Your Credit- The FACT Act in Layman's Terms Written by CardRatings.com January 23, 2006 Do you know all the implications of identity theft? Do you know that an imposter can open lines of credit, drain your bank account, file for bankruptcy, get an ID card, get a job, and even be arrested all in your name? All the missed payments an imposter doesn’t make are reported in your credit [...] Posted in: Credit Card Laws
Credit Card Industry Reform Proposed by Senators Written by
May 22, 2005
U.S. Senators criticized the credit card industry in a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee last week for unfair practices and for failing to disclose information to consumers in a clear and understandable way. Noting that the new federal bankruptcy law helps financial companies, Senate Democrats are calling for laws to help people better understand [...] Posted in: Credit Card Laws
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