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Re-thinking Credit Card Choices Written by Mike Killian Exceptional times often require exceptional measures to deal with events. No one doubts or questions the seriousness of our economy. Consumers are cutting spending and shedding debt whenever and wherever possible. The commercial market place is affected by this trend. What does this mean for consumers in return? What credit cards should they be considering? ...
Using a Low-Rate Credit Card to Your Advantage Written by An excerpt from How YOU Can Profit from Credit Cards: Using Credit to Improve Your Financial Life and Bottom Line.The Three Keys to Using a Low-Rate Credit Card to Your Advantage: 1. Make your payments early. If your card issuer uses the average daily balance method to calculate interest (most do), make your payments before the due ...
Negotiate a Better Credit Card Rate Written by An excerpt from How YOU Can Profit from Credit Cards: Using Credit to Improve Your Financial Life and Bottom Line.When you've taken a gander at the current rates being offered, you can use them as a negotiating tool with your card issuer. Trying to bargain down your rate might sound like an intimidating, complex process, ...
The Military and Money Written by My younger brother, Johnpaul Arnold, is a Major in the Army. He’s on his second tour in Iraq, and I pray for his safe return every day. He’s provided me with endless encouragement, especially at times when I needed it the most such as working on my most recent book on credit cards (which turned ...
Bi-Weekly Credit Card Payments Can Save $1000s in Interest Charges Written by   Here's a little known tactic for getting out of credit card debt: Send in bi-weekly payments. Say you owe $5,000 on a credit card with a 17% interest rate and 3% minimum payment. If you only send in the minimum amount every month, by the time you've paid off that $5,000, your interest bite would be ...
Comprehending Credit Card Interest Rates- A Lesson in Futility? Written by Credit card interest rates can be "downright confusing".   Therefore, a little education goes a long way when it comes to comprehending card rates.   Most of the low rate credit cards offered today are variable rate cards.   This means the APR is attached to an index such as the Prime Rate or LIBOR (London Inter Bank ...

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