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Spring Cleaning for Credit Cards Written by Beverly Blair Harzog April 8, 2010 It's that time of year when we think about ridding our homes of clutter and making everything look shiny and new again. How about applying that same concept to your credit cards? No, you don't need to polish your cards, but "cleaning up" the way you deal with your credit card paperwork is always a [...] Posted in: Credit Card Help
Credit Card Advice We're Tired of Hearing: Top 3 Tips to Forget Written by Beverly Blair Harzog March 26, 2010 Ever feel like you'll scream if you have to hear the same credit card advice one more time? Let's take a look at three of the most popular tips you're tired of hearing--and improve on them. #1 Don't use credit cards Really? Unless you're a compulsive spender, this advice is puzzling. Using credit cards responsibly offers many [...] Posted in: Credit Card Help
5 Ways Credit Cards Can Save Your Marriage Written by
February 15, 2010
A slumping economy, a soft job market, and rising credit card debt can strain relationships. If you didn't manage to stun your spouse on Valentine's Day, you may have to call for reinforcements to save your marriage. Fortunately, credit cards offer five great ways to rekindle romance. #1: Redeem credit card reward points on a splurge. Some [...] Posted in: Credit Card Help
3 Facts Retailers Don't Want Credit Card Customers to Know Written by
February 3, 2010
To accept credit cards at your place of business, you must agree not just to pay standard transaction fees, but to also maintain standards consistent with all other merchants in your processing network. That means covering some of the risk against fraudulent transactions, plus paying interchange fees as high as 4%. As a result, some [...] Posted in: Credit Card Help
Credit Card Canceled Without Notice? Fight Back! Written by
October 16, 2009
Following a series of shuddering changes in the economy, credit card companies have gotten tough in dealing with consumers. For years, lenders thrived on credit card customers who couldn't make payments on time, and companies reeled in late payment penalties and interest charges. But too many consumers defaulted on their debt, and now credit card [...] Posted in: Credit Card Help How Cards Work
Benefits of Secured Credit Cards Written by
February 11, 2009
An excerpt from How YOU Can Profit from Credit Cards: Using Credit to Improve Your Financial Life and Bottom Line. A secured card is often the best answer if you can't get a traditional card. Secured cards are accepted wherever credit cards can be used, and certainly come in handy for emergencies and for transactions when [...] Posted in: Credit Card Help Credit Score Secured Credit Card
Debunking Myths about Credit Scores- Go Ahead, Pay Off that Credit Card! Written by CardRatings.com May 14, 2008 Lurking among many other credit related myths is the belief that paying off credit cards may cause your credit score to decline. I continue to hear this and other related credit scoring myths from consumers that I interact with on a daily basis. In reality, when you pay off credit cards you decrease your overall [...] Posted in: Credit Card Help Credit Score
Credit Card Tricks for Holiday Treats Means Financial Planning Now! Written by Mike Killian October 28, 2005 Halloween begins a season not only of fun, joy, and merriment, but also a season of the pocket book. And we need to start planning right now for this holiday season before some financial "ghouls 'n goblins" haunt us straight into the new year. Rather than resorting to wearing cloves of garlic while holiday shopping [...] Posted in: Credit Card Help

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