Balance Transfer

Gimmick or great idea? The new way to accept balance transfer offers Written by Maryalene LaPonsie November 22, 2013 We love our smartphones, and U.S. Bank is betting we'll love the opportunity to use our mobile devices to accept their latest balance transfer credit card offers. The bank says its Mobile Photo Balance Transfer is the first app feature of its kind offered by a major U.S. financial institution. Starting this month, credit card customers [...] Posted in: Balance Transfer
A Triple Whammy for Credit Card Balance Transfers Written by
August 29, 2009
Many Americans are in for a shock. The era of bouncing our balances to new credit cards to take advantage of low interest rates on large purchases is over. Consumers took advantage of the low, 3% balance transfer fees of the past by shouldering their debts over to lower rate cards. It was a convenient [...] Posted in: Balance Transfer

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