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Are you ready for your close-up?

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If so, you could be the next credit card star!

Here's how: GetRichSlowly.org is sponsoring a fun video contest. There are three categories: personal finance tips, success stories, and a website award. The best video in each category wins $500. But that's not all. There will also be ten runners-up in the personal finance tips and success stories categories. Each runner-up will receive an autographed copy of Your Money: The Missing Manual by J.D. Roth, the founder of the award-winning site, GetRichSlowly.org.

So now's the time to seek fame and fortune for your credit card savvy. Do you have tips about how to use credit cards responsibly? Maybe you're the best budgeted person in the world and that's how you do it. Or perhaps you read all the top finance books and educated yourself about credit. And now you know how to maintain a good credit score or how to avoid credit card debt. Or maybe you have a sure-fire method for keeping track of rewards points you've earned from your credit cards. Whatever your secrets are, the world can benefit from your knowledge.

If you've got a great how-I-got-out-of-credit-card-debt story, consider entering a video in this category. According to MyFico.com, today's consumer has 13 credit obligations. That's a lot of obligations. And 30 percent have been 60 or more days overdue on a credit obligation. So a lot of people could benefit from hearing the details about your successful climb out of debt.

You could even become a role model for others who need a positive example to follow. You don't have to be a professional to make your video debut a success. Just tell your story from the heart. You might be surprised at how many lives you touch.

GetRichSlowly.org is an online community devoted to sensible personal finance. Since 2006, the website has provided thousands of active readers with a forum to learn about and discuss saving money, how to get out of debt, high interest savings accounts, and practical paths to accumulating wealth. The site was named "Most Inspiring Money Blog" by CNN's Money magazine.

Entries will be evaluated on originality, creativity, usefulness to GetRichSlowly readers, and the compelling nature of your story and winners will be selected by founder JD Roth himself. The contest is on now and ends on April 15, so get busy and get the cameras rolling.

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  1. Business Loans
    March 29, 2010 - 9:45 pm
    Thanks - great information. I have managed my debt for years - I don't pay interest or fees. I only use my credit cards for purchases that I can make in cash. But, I use the cards to delay payment - delay it past my billing date and the through the grace period. Would love to share my story and maybe help others - glad that there is now an opportunity to do so. I think persoanl finance needs to be a mandatory class in high school.
      Reply »  
  2. P.L
    March 22, 2010 - 11:31 pm
    Hi! Your post rocks and is a thought-provoker!
      Reply »