Learn to Lower Your Credit Card Debt for Free!

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, aka The Money Coach, is a well known motivational speaker who helps consumers tackle debt issues head, including credit card debt. In addition to her professional speaking engagements, Lynnette also offers non-sponsored, FREE seminars to churches and other organizations as a part of her Zero Debt Tour. The Zero Debt Tour is basically a series of free financial workshops throughout the country - at churches, colleges, and other venues.

Lynnette, how long has the Zero Debt Tour been around?

We have been offering the zero debt tour since January 2009. We are currently scheduling and confirming dates for the remainder of this year. Dates and locations will be posted at the Zero Debt Tour site.

You have offered free copies of your book at each tour stop, right?

We have indeed offered 500 copies at each stop. In Atlanta, however, we had nearly 2,000 people in attendance, so we offered electronic file access via the Internet!

Can you please respond to your fiscal philosophy and how it ties into some of your personal philosophies and this tour?

I believe very strongly in fiscal responsibility due to my religious beliefs. Today's economy has church attendance up but church tithing down. People are struggling and churches are struggling. I believe strongly in what I am doing and think I can help churches and people to live a more abundant life by lowering their debt.

How does your tour relate to credit card debt?

I teach people how to get financially fit--how to get out of debt, save more money, or reach future goals, such as paying for retirement, a first-home, or your kids' college education. I also let consumers know that credit cards are not the problem. Our discipline with credit cards is. We need to learn the discipline of delayed gratification. I do not believe in cutting credit cards up, but I do believe in zero debt mentality. I teach people that we are suppose to live abundantly but not in debt. It is a holistic point of view.

Are there any credit card debt tips you can offer?

The key to lowering your credit card debt is discipline with use of credit cards and delaying gratification. You must maintain a zero-debt mentality and pay down your credit card debt as rapidly as possible.

I know first-hand how stressful it is to deal with money worries. But if I could pay off $100,000 in credit card debt in just three years, I know others can get out of debt, too!

I appreciate Lynette sharing her expertise and am personally a big fan of hers. She is all over the air waves and I can tell that she is genuinely passionate about helping consumers live a debt free lifestyle. The thought of all U.S. citizens being debt free and our country being debt free is truly inspiring. Let's support Lynette's crusade!

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