Quiz: Are you and your partner credit compatible?

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    Credit card compatibilityWhether you're planning a wedding or celebrating your anniversary, you know that compatibility is one of the keys to marital bliss.

    But there's more to compatibility than both liking artisanal bacon (yes, it's a thing) and Icelandic poetry.

    Many couples forget to make sure that they're also financially compatible, especially when it comes to credit cards. And we've all heard the anecdote that money and finances are responsible for more divorces than anything else, so it really does make sense to know whether the two of you are compatible in that arena.

    Greg and Jessica of Fort Smith, Ark. didn't make that mistake. Before they got married recently, they took our quiz and scored within two points of each other and both earned our quiz's highest designation.

    "It is not surprising that we are compatible with credit issues," says Jessica. "We [were] determined to start our marriage on the right foot. We [took] financial counseling classes and educate ourselves often on the importance of being good stewards with our money."

    When you start out that way, it really contributes to the financial health and longevity of your marriage. Scott and Rosalyn of Atlanta have been married for more than 25 years. They took the quiz and chose almost the exact same answers and the quiz's highest honors.

    Is it just a coincidence that Scott and Rosalyn are so in sync with their credit card philosophies?

    "We had a lot of discussion on finances before we got married because I'd always read it was one of the things people fight the most about," says Rosalyn. "A rule of thumb we have always followed is that if either of us wants to buy something over, say $300 (excluding groceries, of course), we discuss it with each other first."

    So, now it's your turn. Grab your significant other and take our fun quiz. Be honest! Find out whether one or both of you is Clueless in Credit Card Land or are a Match Made in Credit Card Heaven.>

    If you earned Match Made in Credit Card Heaven, you should know that you and your credit card are living in bliss. Your credit card gives you what you need (hello, rewards), but you aren't dependent to the point of sacrificing your identity (financially-speaking, of course).

    For those of you who earned, Credit Card Companies Struck You with Cupid's Arrow, it might be time to make sure your relationship with your credit card is headed in the right direction. Sure, you love your credit card, but you don't always make the best possible decisions when your card is involved. Don't let your credit card run your life. You're just a few changes away from being a Match Made in Credit Card Heaven.

    And if you're in the Clueless in Credit Card Land camp, don't run off and hide in a closet just yet. There's hope, but it's time to get your spending and your credit card situation under control and that begins with understanding how credit and credit cards work. A great place to start is our How Credit Cards Work article. Read it, talk about it with your significant other and then start making changes.

    But the real question is: What if you just found out you're not credit card compatible? Can a Match Made in Credit Card Heaven find relationship bliss with a Clueless in Credit Card Land? True love usually finds a way to compromise. But take advice from our couples. Have the credit card talk and get financial counseling before you say, I do.

    And if you both scored Clueless in Credit Card Land, well, technically you're compatible. But the goal should be for both of you to obtain Match Made in Credit Card Heaven credentials. Make it a joint goal to become better acquainted with the way credit cards work and understand how much interest you're paying. If you don't, you'd better have a credit counselor on speed dial before you leave for your honeymoon!


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