CardRatings survey finds most Americans don’t know what credit card churning is

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Foster City, CA – August 21, 2019 – CardRatings.com, a leader in credit card ratings that maintains information on more than 700 credit card offers, commissioned a survey asking cardholders about the practice of credit card churning. While it isn’t illegal, it can violate credit card terms and conditions – especially if someone tries to sign up for the same card multiple times to get bonuses. What did the site learn? Here are the top findings:

  • What is churning? Only 40% of cardholders know what it is
  • Only 11% of cardholders use the practice
  • Those that churn? 26% say it's not worth it
  • Men are slightly more likely to say it isn't "worth it" than women (29% vs 22% of women)
  • Men are twice as likely to engage in the practice – 15% of men do vs. less than 7% of women

View the complete article: One quarter of credit card churners say practice isn’t worth it, CardRatings survey reveals

Brooklyn Lowery, senior manager of CardRatings.com, is available for comment on this study, the implications of credit card churning and the risks of the practice.


CardRatings commissioned Op4G to conduct a survey among 1,750 credit cardholders in the United States in June 2019.

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