Credit Cards For Bad Credit

I have bad credit and I'm on unemployment benefits. I just need a low credit limit to help in emergency situations. I can pay small charges back right away. What do you recommend?

It sounds like you may already be in an emergency situation. Even if an additional credit line could help even out your cash flow woes, you may get better results by rebuilding your credit and shoring up your savings. Between economic pressures and tougher regulations, banks no longer have a lot of incentive to issue credit [...]

If I am in the Chex System, can I still apply for a secured credit card?

Landing in the ChexSystems database, whether it's your fault or not, can add a few hassles to your financial life. Many banks, even those that issue secured credit cards, require you to have an active checking account to facilitate your security deposit and your regular monthly payment. You've probably heard of the three major American credit [...]

I have a 590 credit score. Am I considered a bad score? What would be a good credit card to help me?

Yes, 590 is pretty bad. But I've seen worse. You're in a high risk category of borrower that most lenders won't want to touch. Understanding how you got to that score and what you're going to do next will determine the right credit card for your situation. And yes, there are legitimate credit cards for [...]

How can I increase my credit score by 50 points in six months?

Question: How can I increase my credit score from 650 to 700 in six months? Answer: Let's go right to the source of that credit score, which would be one of the three major credit reporting agencies - TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Heather Battison, education director for TransUnion's consumer products, told me, "It's impossible to know if [...]

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