Credit Card Types

Is there a rating system for credit cards? Is platinum better than gold for all credit cards?

Unlike Olympic medals, there's no consistent pecking order for credit cards based on their color or material, with one exception. You can thank Bank of America and American Express for inventing the metallic tiers we know today. Until the 1960s, consumers chose credit cards by brand name: American Express catered mostly to frequent travelers, Diners [...]

Do credit unions offer credit cards? Will they have better rates or features? How can I compare them with big bank cards?

As member-driven institutions, credit unions operate on behalf of their account holders instead of solely for the benefit of shareholders. When you deposit cash in a credit union, caretakers reinvest your savings into the community, usually as mortgage or auto loans. However, credit cards require lots of overhead to operate. Therefore, many credit unions outsource [...]

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