Credit Card Fraud Id Theft

I used my credit card at Target during the holidays and am worried the hackers got my card information. What can I do to protect myself?

Like me and millions of other consumers, it sounds like you used a credit card at Target sometime between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, 2013. During that time, one or more fraudsters gained access to Target's point-of-sale database and collected payment card details from as many as 40 million customers. It's one of the largest [...]

I want a credit card that has a low authorized lending amount so if it's stolen or compromised my liability is limited.

Q: I want a credit card that has a low authorized lending amount so if it's lost, stolen, or compromised, I am limited in the amount that I can be held accountable for. I want to use it for online purchases. A: Dedicating a single card to online purchases makes sense, so you can isolate the [...]

My ex-wife opened credit card accounts with my social security number and my forged signature. How can I get these accounts off my credit report?

You may not like this answer, but what you are describing your ex doing is a crime. It's called identity theft. You really have two paths here. One, if you're on speaking terms, confront your ex, and insist that she pay off the debt as soon as possible (and I hope you've cancelled the credit cards, [...]

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