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Best credit cards for paying medical bills from our partners

A trip to the dentist's or doctor's office can be pricey, so you could be tempted to reach for a credit card when that bill arrives in the mail. If that’s on your mind, take a look at our list of best credit cards for medical expenses. Before you click "Apply," however, make sure you’ve considered [...]

We are older, and ready to stop earning airline miles. Where can I find a credit card with a picture ID that has some cash back feature?

Q: We are older, and ready to stop earning airline miles. We heard about the Fidelity Rewards program and the Schwab Bank Invest credit cards through the Bottom Line article you wrote. We want a credit card that has a photo ID like the one we have with AA. No one else I can find [...]

I currently have a Visa United Mileage Plus card, but I think I'd get a better deal with a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. What is the best way to switch and not impact my credit score?

Your tastes and habits change over time, and so should your credit card. However, it's common to worry about the impact on your credit report if you apply for a new account. Take advantage of your current issuer's customer service team and a little-known loophole in common credit score algorithms to hunt for a better [...]

Is cash back better than points (and how to value your rewards)

It's a mystery for the ages: Is it better to get points with a credit card, or miles, or cash back? OK, it isn't a mystery on the level of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or what happened to D.B. Cooper. But the points or credit or miles enigma is at least more complicated than a [...]

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