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Added June 4, 2012 from: Joe Taylor Jr.
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Answered By Joe Taylor Jr.:

At the time of this writing, a handful of credit card companies offer zero APR credit cards with the balance transfer offer you're looking for. Chase is one of those banks. You won't be able to bounce that balance from one Chase account to another. Instead, check out these options:

  • Discover it. Discover's attracting attention with a 0 percent intro APR balance transfer deal for 18 months. Other than a 3 percent balance transfer fee of the amount of each transfer, you'll pay no routine annual fee, no overlimit fee and no foreign transaction fee on this version of their cash-back credit card. See issuers card application page for rates, rewards terms and other info.

  • Citi Simplicity Card. Citibank launched its new "no frills" credit card with a series of cheerful television ads. The bank's backing up its pledge of superior customer service with extra perks. In addition Citi has other offers you may be interested in.

However keep in mind looking for zero APR credit cards doesn't always lead you to the best overall balance transfer deal.

Even if you can't find a solid balance transfer deal right now, take advantage of your existing card's benefits. As a Chase cardholder, you're likely eligible to use their Blueprint service, a kind of credit card calculator that helps you figure out how much you'll need to budget to pay off your balance. Contacting their customer retention department could even get you qualified for a special deal, especially if you're the kind of customer they won't want to lose.

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