Stratus Rewards Lures Ultra-Wealthy with White Credit Cards

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Stratus Rewards Lures Ultra-Wealthy with White Credit Cards

While old money gravitates to black cards, an invitation-only white credit card has gained sudden popularity among affluent Americans and Europeans. Stratus Rewards offers a Visa White Card that grants members access to some of the world's most exclusive cultural, sporting, and entertainment events. Unlike recent moves by American Express to partner with Live Nation on pre-sales and VIP rooms, Stratus produces many of its own reward experiences, such as a three-day luxury experience at the Monaco Grand Prix.

"As part of Stratus Rewards Visa White Card's launch into the European market, we are targeting unique luxury experiences providing premium exclusivity," said Stratus Rewards spokesperson Brent Kimball. Cardholder benefits also include access to private jets, invitations to intimate sessions with musicians, luxury automobile rentals, and exclusive resort properties.

The Stratus Rewards Visa White Card is issued in America by U.S. Bank, although Stratus Media Group's own employees handle the Card's concierge service and customer relations hotline. Card applications are available only to Stratus Rewards members, who gain membership only through referrals from current members or from direct invitations from Stratus' management.


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