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Which Disney rewards credit card is the best?

By , CardRatings contributor
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Chase made this an easy question to answer: they've eliminated the Disney Rewards debit card and streamlined their Disney affinity program into a single rewards credit card. However, if you're not a frequent visitor to Walt's theme parks, you may find another of Chase's reward programs more valuable.

I've got some hardcore Disney fans in my family, so I've spent plenty of time at Walt Disney World and at the Disney Store. Those trips can get expensive if you don't track your budget or your time. If you're an old-school Mickey Mouse Club fan, or if you've got some young pirates or princesses in your family, Chase's Disney Rewards Visa can rack up some big savings on your next vacation.

Like other travel rewards cards, you'll earn a point (or a "Disney Dream Reward Dollar") for every dollar you spend with the card. You can redeem those dollars at the Disney Store, at Disney's website, or at any of the company's theme parks, resorts, or cruise ships. However, this card's best perks include some experience rewards at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, including:

  • Character meet-and-greet. If you've ever waited hours for your child to meet with a real, live, Disney Princess, you'll appreciate access to a cardmember-only character experience at either Epcot or California Adventure.
  • Disneyland dining discounts. Select eateries in Disney's west coast outpost will drop 10 percent from your bill when you pay with your Disney Visa.
  • Half-off stroller rentals. There's no way you're carrying that thing all the way to and from your hotel.

My favorite perk of Chase's Disney Rewards Visa Card is the rolling zero percent introductory APR offer whenever you use the card to finance a vacation plan. Book your tickets and hotel through Disney, and Chase will waive interest for the following six months.

However, if you don't plan on making your way to the Magic Kingdom every year, other Chase credit cards may actually earn you some even better rewards. For instance, Chase Freedom® offers you the same 1 percent cash back on your everyday purchases, but in real dollars that you can spend anywhere. And the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card uses an Ultimate Rewards program that can help you map out a Florida or California vacation that includes more than just the theme parks.

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