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Added October 6, 2010 from: Mike Killian
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Answered By Mike Killian:
The way to find the best credit card type for you is by searching right here on CardRatings.com. In the "Credit Card" section of the site, you will find a number of categories offering credit card types to suit every situation.

If you have good or excellent credit, you can look at card types that reward specific purchases in a variety of ways. The "Cash Back" category is for consumers with good credit who typically pay their balances in full each month and are interested in cash rewards. You will find you can earn a 1-5 percent cash back rebate just for using a credit card to pay for everyday purchases. Similarly, you could select "Rewards Cards" if you were interested in various other types of rewards. These types of rewards credit cards give you flexibility when it comes to the rebates that you can earn. If on the other hand travel is your interest, select "Frequent Flyer." Consumers interested in travel rewards who have a good credit score and pay their balance in full each month will find plenty of choices in this search category.

If your prime concern is "Balance Transfer," that should be the area to explore; or if you have a good credit score and are seeking a low introductory rate card, you should look under "Low Introductory Rate." Credit card balance transfers from high percent APR to low rate credit cards, or new purchases made with a low introductory rate card, can result in big savings. However, the introductory rates for these credit cards tends to last only six to twelve months, and fees can be high--something to keep in mind.

Do you have very little credit history or a less than stellar credit score? Searching the category, "Bad Credit" will produce a number of credit cards, also known as subprime credit cards, designed for consumers with a below average credit score or limited credit history. These credit cards typically offer high rates, however, and rarely offer rebate programs. Some are secured credit cards which are an excellent choice for building credit or repairing poor credit.

Other credit card types that may pertain to you could be "Student" or "Business." If you are a student over 18 or a small business owner with good credit, you could look at cards in these categories. Small business credit cards can help a business owner better manage expenses and cash flow, and also often offer generous rebates. There are also selections if you have good credit and are seeking instant approval on a card application, or if you are specifically seeking a Visa card.

By selecting the card type that most closely fits your purposes and selecting from the cards found in that category, you are sure to find the best card for yourself.

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