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Added March 5, 2012 from: Joe Taylor Jr.
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Answered By Joe Taylor Jr.:

Most credit cards offer some form of secondary car insurance, often covering the deductible from your personal automobile insurance. If you want your credit card to provide primary car insurance, e.g. if you don't carry your own driver's policy, or if you want a credit card that will cover the full cost of a damaged or stolen rental vehicle, then read on.

According to AutoSlash co-founder Jonathan Weinberg, no credit card automatically covers the entire cost of fixing or replacing your rental car. Lenders offer varying degrees of secondary auto insurance, meaning they'll pay for the deductible from your existing driver's policy. If you'd prefer not to file a claim with your own insurance company, check if your card issuer offers extra services.

Remember that credit cards only cover loss and collision damage. You'll need your own insurance to cover liability claims related to any damage or injury you might cause while behind the wheel of a rented vehicle. Verify the terms of your credit card agreement and your car rental policy before you hit the road.

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