I'd like to find a card that gives me miles for Alaska Airlines.

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Alaska Airlines offers some great frequent flier bonuses on a Visa Signature credit card it offers in partnership with Bank of America. However, depending on your travel habits, some alternative airline credit cards could offer you some even better value.

The airline's website promotes its Bank of America airline credit card, offering 3 miles for every dollar you spend on Alaska Airlines and one mile for each dollar of everyday purchases. The card's signup offers have included bonuses of up to 25,000 reward miles, and an annual $99 companion fare code.

If you're not approved for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card, Bank of America also offers Visa Platinum Plus and Visa Preferred accounts with slightly higher APRs and significantly lower signup bonuses. You won't get a $99 companion fare code, but you will still get to add more Mileage Plan miles to your account with every purchase.

Like most traditional airline credit cards, any of the three Alaska Airlines accounts will help you earn free travel fastest when you restrict all of your travel to a single carrier. Book direct flights from Anchorage on Alaska Airlines, and their Mileage Plan program will reward you well.

Many travelers also enjoy the flexibility of earning rewards points on travel credit cards that don't require loyalty to any specific airline. You can usually redeem those miles for statement credits on any of your travel related purchases, including hotel stays and car rentals.


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