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Added November 29, 2010 from: Beverly Blair Harzog
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Answered By Beverly Blair Harzog:
There are a large number of cards that bear the Visa Signature name. These credit cards all have "Visa Signature" under the account numbers. Visa Signature cardholders enjoy extra privileges, such as a 24/7 concierge service, special cruise offers and Super Bowl packages. You can see a full list of benefits on Visa's website. There are so many benefits it will take you quite a while to read it all.

So there's no question that these cards are full of perks. But you need to evaluate each card on it's own merits because they're provided by many different card issuers.

There's also wide variety in the rewards you can get with Visa Signature credit cards. For example with certain cards you earn rewards on purchases that can be turned into a deposit and placed in an account, or you can earn bonus cash back in categories that change or earn travel rewards and get travel perks.

As you can see, there's a variety of choices when it comes to Visa Signature cards. The best approach is to decide which type of rewards you're interested in first and you'll narrow your search considerably.

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