Visa Testing New Credit Card Design with Screen and Keyboard
European banks have expanded testing on a new Visa card that contains a small LCD display and a twelve-button keyboard. While the Visa CodeSure credit card doesn't plan on replacing consumers' calculators, it does contain a microchip that generates a constantly changing set of authorization codes. The keyboard and display allows a consumer to interact with the credit card, entering a PIN to produce a security code that authorizes large purchases and secures online transactions.

Thanks to electronic ink and slim battery technology, the enhanced Visa cards remain the same size as standard credit cards. Researchers report a projected battery life of about three years, longer than the two year cycles most credit card issuers use to replace worn cards.

During pilot campaigns launched by eight European credit card issuers, 86% of cardholders reported feeling more secure about their Visa CodeSure transactions. 70% of the consumers participating in technology trials told researchers that the expected to use CodeSure cards online more often than their traditional credit cards. Visa officials have not yet announced dates for a possible CodeSure test in the United States.

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