Visa Processes Nearly $50M in Credit Card Sales During Olympics' First Week
Credit card swipers have gotten nearly as hot as the competition in Vancouver, with Visa reporting record-breaking international spending in the host city of the Olympic Games. Visa's payment platform recorded over 100,000 unique transactions on February 17, the sixth day of competition. 

Visa officials report processing nearly $10 million in sales on that day alone, bringing the total amount of Visa credit card and debit card transactions during the Games to nearly $50 million. Most of the transactions recorded came from foreign visitors, especially guests from the United States, China, and Europe.

Visa's sponsorship guarantees it the special privilege of being the only card accepted for games-related transactions at Olympic venues. However, spending patterns suggest that the overall credit card usage in British Columbia could reach more than triple the amount of transactions conducted during the same time period last year. With international travelers preferring to convert currency automatically through credit card transactions, host city businesses and payment processors should both enjoy an exceptional Olympic business boost.

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