Visa Encourages Retailers to Scrap Credit Card Details in Security Effort
Visa officials announced new merchant recommendations this month that could potentially reduce the threat of identity theft from retailers. In a joint statement with the National Retail Federation, Visa urged credit card issuers to accept receipts with suppressed or truncated card numbers as suitable evidence of valid transactions.

Until now, merchants responding to complaints of fraudulent charges were required to submit complete copies of original receipts, including full credit card numbers. Allowing retailers to submit receipts with truncated numbers may eliminate the need for many companies to retain information captured from a magnetic card swipe.

In addition, Visa recommended that banks issue alternative identifying tokens when processing credit card transactions on behalf of merchants. Banks can better guarantee the safety of customers' private account data, according to Visa and the NRF. Meanwhile, retailers adopting token-based technology can process refund and investigation requests without giving staff members full access to customers' credit card numbers.

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