Just in time for holiday gift giving, officials from Visa announced new features to the payment platform's Rightcliq online shopping assistant. New partnerships with online retailers have nearly tripled the number of available special deals offered through the service. Visa now offers Rightcliq as an optional plugin for the Google Chrome web browser, enabling special deals and offers to appear as shoppers navigate participating websites. Users can also forward order confirmation and shipment tracking emails to a simple address which will add critical delivery information to Rightcliq's online dashboard.
Visa launched Rightcliq earlier in the year as a secure shopping assistant designed to streamline e-commerce transactions. The free service remembers the details of shoppers' favorite credit cards and shipment information while keeping track of wish lists and shopping preferences across the entire web. Program managers now interact with members on Rightcliq's Facebook page, and new instructional videos guide first-time users through the service. Visa cardholders can enroll in Rightcliq by visiting:


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