New Credit Card Saves Cash at Shell Gas Pumps
As energy companies compete for loyalty at the pump with a variety of savings cards and points-tracking programs, Shell has teamed up with Citibank to introduce a new private label gas card, the Shell Drive for Five Card. With the new Shell Drive for Five credit card, customers receive statement credits each month that they meet the 45 gallon minimum purchase requirement.

Purchasing just 45 gallons per month of Shell fuel earns Drive for Five cardholders a discount of five cents per gallon. Government statistics indicate that most American cars require more than 45 gallons each month, putting the program's minimum requirements within reach for most consumers.

Shell customers have already seen Drive for Five credit card applications appearing at their local pumps, and Citi has launched a new website to collect online requests for the new card. Like other credit cards issued by Shell and Citi, Drive for Five can be used for most purchases at Shell stations, including car washes, convenience store snacks, and auto repairs. Cardholders can track purchases and discount eligibility online for all authorized users on an account.

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