Credit Card Scam Consumer Information

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    Credit Card Scam Consumer Information

    How Secure are Online Credit Card Applications?

    Rest assured that any online applications featured on our site are secure. Card issuers take online security issues very seriously and have taken steps to insure that your private information is safe when you are applying online. It is wise to review the security and privacy policy of each card issuer prior to submitting your application. Following is a excerpt from a typical security/privacy policy (this particular policy is from J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.):

    "Information you provide via electronic forms on the Chase website is secure and encrypted in most instances. In other words, it is scrambled en route and decoded once it reaches Chase. You may check that your web session is secure by looking for a small lock symbol usually located in the lower corner of your web browser window. Current versions of leading web browsers indicate when a web page is encrypted for transmission through this symbol. You may also look for the letters "https://" at the beginning of your website URL in your web browser. The "s" means that the web connection is secure."

    What additional steps can I take to protect my credit card when shopping online?

    Many card issuers offer one-time-use credit card numbers for online transactions. Also some issuers offer password protection for online purchases. For example, Visa® offers the popular Verified by Visa® program. Registration is free and only takes a minute. You should contact your issuer to see what type of online security programs are available to you.

    How can I obtain identity theft insurance?

    Identity theft insurance has become increasingly popular as incidents of identity theft have increased over the past few years. If you are interested in obtaning id theft insurance, then we suggest that you consider EveryDayWealth (featured offer). This service offers up to $25,000 in identity theft insurance (no deductible), along with many other related benefits.

    What should I do if I become a victim of identity theft?

    If you become a victim of identity theft, then protecting your credit should be one of your main concerns. Our step-by-step guide will assist you through this tedious process. Also, our credit scams article contains related consumer information that you might find helpful.


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