American parents may have to thank a suspender-wearing rabbit for teaching their kids to sing and dance about saving money. The double-CD set, Sammy's Secret, Dream, and Discovery, includes nineteen songs and three voice adventures that help young listeners enhance their money management skills.

Sammy Rabbit is the brainchild of former financial consultant Sam X Renick. For the past ten years, Los Angeles-based Renick and the creative team from his company, Its a Habit, have developed the bank-friendly bunny concept into a series of books and the new compact disc collection. Renick appears as himself on four bonus tracks included on the Sammy's CD, offering parents additional tips on building wealth.

Renick encourages business leaders to purchase copies of Sammy Rabbit materials for use in local schools and libraries, supporting efforts with live appearances. With Sammy in full costume, kids extend their learning experience with sing-alongs and storytelling sessions designed to help them understand the connections between big dreams and even bigger savings accounts.

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