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Added October 5, 2011 from: Joe Taylor Jr.
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Answered By Joe Taylor Jr.:

Discover Card launched during the 1986 Super Bowl, introducing many Americans to cash back rewards cards. Discover's rewards have always been easy to track and easy to understand. Since then, plenty of other banks have used their own cash rebates to attract new cardholders. Competition has inspired Discover to add some new offers and rewards to its cards, especially for consumers with better than average credit. If you really want to get the best deals from Discover, check out these Discover credit card offers.

If these deals aren't enough, Discover happens to employ some of the industry's best customer service professionals. They're not shy about telling you how proud they are about winning numerous industry awards.

Two caveats to keep in mind, though. First, Discover is still not quite as widely accepted as Visa or MasterCard. If you intend you use your Discover cash back card as your primary mode of payment, keep cash or another card on you just in case. Second, Discover has entered cross-marketing agreements with a few other issuing banks. Those credit cards don't always carry the same cash back rewards as cards issued by Discover Financial Services.

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