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Added December 10, 2010 from: Beverly Blair Harzog
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Answered By Beverly Blair Harzog:

American Express is a CardRatings.com advertiser.

Credit card issuers are once again mailing out tons of credit card offers. The envelope often bears the words, "You're pre-approved!" This really means that you're approved to receive the offer, not approved to receive the card. You still have to apply for the card and you could, in fact, be turned down.

American Express is known for its robust rewards program. Check if the offer you are considering comes with an annual membership fee. You'll have to decide if the benefits you receive from the card outweigh the annual membership fee. Something else to consider if you plan to use the card overseas, is if the card carries a foreign transaction fee. 

Just to be clear, should you decide on an American Express card they offer both charge cards and credit cards. A charge card means that the balance is due in full when you receive your monthly bill. So don't even consider a charge card if there's a chance you'll need to carry a balance.

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