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Added October 11, 2009 from: Curtis Arnold
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Answered By Curtis Arnold:
  The NFCC or the National Foundation for Credit Counseling refers consumers to credit counseling services that have met high accreditation standards and high standards involving counselor certification. The NFCC promotes policies that help to ensure free or low-cost confidential services.

The NFCC is the largest and longest serving national nonprofit credit counseling network in the nation, with more than 100 Member agencies and nearly 850 offices in communities throughout the country. You can go to to NFCC.org and click on "Find a Counselor" to locate a counselor online or you can call 1-800-388-2227.

Please note that while the NFCC is the the largest and longest serving network, there are other reputable credit counseling services that are not members of the NFCC.

Finally, please do consider all other options to help you with credit card debt before proceeding with a credit counseling program, including debt settlement and even bankruptcy (as an absolute last resort). Many credit card companies now have hardship programs that may be even more benefecial to you than a credit counseling program. While credit counseling firms do add value in some situations, I personally prefer to deal with creditors directly if at all possible.

Good luck!

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