Las Vegas Cabbies Ask for Mobile Credit Card Terminals
Attendees of the recent CTIA conference in Las Vegas agreed that mobile payment platforms based on secure cellular data streams could revolutionize a variety of industries. However, many of those same panelists and audience members couldn't pay for their taxi rides using debit or credit cards, thanks to an administrative ruling by county officials.

Most of the cabs ferrying conventioneers between hotels and to the airport belong to a single company, which has requested permission to install mobile credit card terminals like those enjoyed by taxi patrons in New York and other major cities. Clark County Taxicab Authority Administrator Gordon Walker wants lawmakers to debate whether fares should pay a $3 convenience charge for swiping plastic from the backseat instead of paying cash.

Several smaller cab companies installed mobile credit card terminals during the tenure of Walker's predecessor, who viewed surcharges on mobile payments as an administrative matter, separate from the administration of county-regulated fares. As county visitors become accustomed to universal acceptance of credit cards and debit cards, lawmakers have frustrated cab company owners by asking for more time to research the impact of convenience charges.

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