ROAM Data has upgraded its mCommerce app, addressing its users' greatest concerns with a friendlier merchant and customer experience. ROAMpay X is the Boston-based company's latest product for businesses to use with mobile credit card swipers so they can accept point-of-sale purchases.

Small-to-medium businesses use ROAMpay to accept credit card payments from clients using mobile phones such as iPhone, Android and soon Blackberry. Businesses use ROAMpay to make sales, collect customer data, send electronic receipts to customers and track all transactions. The application is priced at under $3, and businesses need to set up a merchant account with one of ROAM's partners to facilitate the acceptance of payments.

ROAM has almost 30 merchant account partners, including Commerce Bank Merchants; Total Merchant Services; and the National Merchants Association and Preferred Card Services, both of which are affiliated with Wells Fargo.

Perks and quirks

The new app, ROAMpay X, builds on the app's strengths of voice-to-text capabilities and reverse-phone lookup which give businesses the ability to quickly enter customer data. Customer complaints about the earlier version of the app pointed out the lack of some features that were deemed essential, such as signature capture and a tip field that would allow customers to add a dollar figure or percentage to their bill. The new application corrects these deficiencies while also allowing businesses to brand elements to create a more personal user experience.

ROAMpay X does not charge a monthly fee, although merchant account partners have individual terms often with monthly fees. ROAMpay X does collect transaction fees and a percentage of sales. The company's security features have earned it kudos. ROAM was launched by founder Will Gaylin in 2005.