PayPal Enables Registration-Free Credit Card Payments for Mobile Developers
Mobile application developers have an alternative for simple credit card processing, thanks to a new PayPal initiative called Guest Payments. Typically, credit card users must register for an account on PayPal's site to process payments to merchants. Most of PayPal's new users find the service through its corporate parent eBay, often as a preferred method to pay for successful auction bids.

Although PayPal also offers secure credit card transactions for other online merchants, the Guest Payments program marks the first time new users have been able use the service for one-off purchases. Company officials announced plans to introduce Guest Payments and other credit card processing services to mobile developers during webinars and other events in July.
MasterCard and Nokia previously announced similar tools to help developers charge small fees for online software and information access. PayPal's Guest Payments offering seeks to extend the relationship many professional developers already have with the company, which already processes many credit card transactions for software companies.

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