Mintel Comperemedia Tracking Economic Health Through Online Advertising
Direct marketing analysts at Mintel Comperemedia plan to start tracking online advertising this spring, according to a company announcement. The service will scan 4,000 of the country's leading websites for evidence of new advertising campaigns. Subscribers can then use the data generated to understand the effectiveness of ad campaigns, based on demographics and expenditures. Websites and advertisers tracked using Mintel's new systems represent nine core industry sectors:
  • Auto,
  • banking,
  • credit cards,
  • insurance,
  • investments,
  • mortgage & loans,
  • technology,
  • telecommunications, and
  • travel & leisure.

Though Mintel's business intelligence services help marketers reach audiences more effectively, their data analysis has shed light on trends affecting American consumers. For instance, their regular probes of direct mail pieces have predicated both the crunch and the recovery of the credit card industry from 2008 until today. As internet marketing penetrates home and mobile screens, this new data stream can help researchers learn more about the economy's impact on credit card issuers, mortgage lenders, and other financial services companies.

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