New York Subways Testing Tap-And-Go Credit Card Readers
Commuters in New York City could soon replace a wallet full of transit passes with a single, bank-issued credit card. In a recent report, NBC New York detailed plans for a six-month test of MasterCard's PayPass technology on the complex network of public transit agencies serving the region.

The PayPass test would include trains operated by MTA and PATH, and buses operated by MTA and NJ Transit. Currently, commuters must carry dedicated transit passes that can be reloaded at self-service kiosks or through automatic account links. During the PayPass test, commuters with eligible MasterCard debit and credit cards could register account numbers online to qualify for frequent use discounts.

Selected subway stations and bus lines will feature PayPass "tap and go" credit card readers capable of deciphering account information from chips embedded inside eligible MasterCards. Already growing in popularity at convenience stores and gas stations, "tap and go" technology on mass transit systems could allow commuters to carry fewer cards, while speeding up a commute that previously involved swiping a magnetic stripe through old, failing turnstile readers.

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