MasterCard MoneySend Enables Instant iPhone Credit Card Transfers
MasterCard's latest mobile banking service could enable consumers to transfer money directly between debit or credit card accounts, as long as issuing banks adopt the underlying technology. In a report from trade publication American Banker, MasterCard officials celebrated the launch of MoneySend, a fast money transfer service available to users of Apple iPhones. By downloading and installing the free application, subscribers can make instant money transfers between MasterCard accounts.

The MoneySend service evolved from technology originally developed by Obopay for its own online cash transfer program. According to American Banker, few consumers wanted to set up dedicated funding accounts on Obopay's platform. However, blending the existing technology with existing MasterCard accounts could accelerate adoption of the MoneySend service.

Currently, competing systems require use of the same clearinghouse system used for processing checks or require users to park cash in an intermediate account. MoneySend fees range from free introductory trial transactions to standard rates of up to 2% per transaction. Currently, only one bank supports the platform, but MasterCard officials expressed optimism that more credit card issuers would sign on soon.

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