MasterCard ad campaign aims to lure customers from American Express, Visa Signature

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MasterCard Worldwide officials announced an advertising campaign to highlight new benefits of the brand's World Elite premium credit cards. The marketing push arrives as credit card issuers step up competition over less risky, high income borrowers. Positioned as an alternative to the American Express Centurion Card and the Visa Signature Card, MasterCard World Elite credit cards share some key features:

  • MasterCard Global Concierge Service: MasterCard has recruited a special team of customer service professionals to facilitate cardholders' special requests for hard-to-get dinner reservations, event tickets and travel arrangements. World Elite cardholders can access concierges by phone 24 hours a day, all year long.
  • MasterCard PriceAssure: This new travel pricing assurance program ensures that cardholders earn credit toward future travel when an airline reduces its fare for a previously purchased itinerary. Although other MasterCard cardholders can access PriceAssure services, World Elite cardholders don't have to pay the service fee for facilitating airline credits.
  • PGA Tour Player Experience: Cardholders can learn to "play like the pros," thanks to an exclusive partnership between MasterCard Worldwide and the Professional Golf Association. Customized experiences include access to select professional golf courses and lunch in players' dining rooms.

In a statement to reporters, company officials cited findings from an internal research study that showed more than half of affluent Americans want to satisfy a "hunger for new experiences" like those provided by the best credit cards.

One in four respondents from the same survey told researchers that around-the-clock customer support made a big difference when selecting credit cards. One in five consumers would change credit cards in favor of an account that offered concierge services, officials said.

The previous MasterCard World Elite marketing campaign focused on brand awareness among MasterCard cardholders contemplating upgrading their existing accounts, officials said. The new advertising push will target websites, newspapers, and magazines favored by premium credit card users who might consider switching brands.


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