More Americans may soon start carrying pictures of Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney in their wallet, with the upcoming launch of the Kardashians' private label prepaid debit card. Backers of the Kardashian Kard expect the sisters' media and fashion connections to help the financial product stand out from its competitors. The sisters' publicist announced a splashy nightclub launch party for November 9, with the Kardashian Kard available for new account registration on November 10.

Mobile Resource Card, a California marketing firm, engineered the development of the Kardashian Kard by connecting the famous family's brand image to a host of third-party banking and financial services. Consumers who might be nervous about depositing money with the celebutantes can rest assured that their funds remain on deposit with Wisconsin-based University National Bank.

Like other affinity debit and credit cards, the Kardashian Kard will offer special benefits to cardholders. Representatives for Mobile Resource Card told reporters that details on specific card features would be made available at the launch event, but could include special discounts with the Kardashians' other family-owned businesses, including boutiques and fashion brands.

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