What do you think about the JP Morgan Select Visa Signature card?

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Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer has expired and is no longer available.

The customer service team behind this copper-hued premium credit card knows how take care of elite corporate travelers with stellar FICO scores. The card includes the EMV chip and PIN, a security feature that has become the standard in most European countries, at least until new contact-less credit card readers gain widespread acceptance.

Requiring chip and PIN for all credit card transactions reduces merchant risk by deterring card cloning. That doesn't make this card invulnerable to fraud, however. Therefore, Chase includes a 24/7 fraud monitoring service that includes personalized alerts and emergency phone calls from account representatives who can verify unusual purchases. The card's website promises that your phone call gets answered almost instantly by a JP Morgan adviser, suggesting an even higher level of customer support than Chase's other elite rewards credit cards.

Much like the American Express Centurion Card, Chase's JP Morgan Select Visa Signature Card required a personal invitation and an existing JP Morgan financial services relationship during its initial launch. However, Chase has since opened up its online credit card application to anyone. With just a $95 annual fee and the promise of world class concierge service, Chase might lure some "black card" holders into its fold. Cardholders can earn and redeem Ultimate Rewards points at rates similar to those for Chase Sapphire Preferred customers, but with even greater access to travel and entertainment concierge services.

If you visit Europe less frequently than a typical JP Morgan account holder, Chase offers a more broadly targeted chip-and-PIN credit card through its British Airways affinity program. With the British Airways Visa Signature® Card you'll earn British Airways "Avios" instead of Ultimate Rewards points. The annual fee is $95. They have eliminated foreign transaction fees for purchases when you travel abroad, giving you plenty of option for secure overseas purchasing…even if it's just a quick trip from California to Switzerland for a box of chocolates.


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