MasterCard prepaid card encourages wellness

Employees could soon find it easier to participate in corporate wellness initiatives, thanks to a new MasterCard debit card from IntelliSpend. In a statement to reporters, IntelliSpend CEO Darryl Hutson announced that his company would make its MasterCard Wellness Prepaid Card available to corporate clients in the first quarter of 2011.

According to MasterCard spokesperson Ron Hynes, prepaid debit cards often encourage employees to sign up for wellness initiatives. Reloadable cards, like the MasterCard Wellness Prepaid Card, offer companies the ability to reward employees for achieving and maintaining goals throughout the year. By addressing out-of-pocket expenses all year long, Hynes said, employers can develop more successful, sustainable wellness programs.

A Harris Interactive study commissioned by MasterCard shows that nearly four in five American workers have access to company wellness programs, and that participation increases significantly once employers introduce clear incentives. IntelliSpend will offer the MasterCard Wellness Prepaid Card as a turnkey solution designed to be administered by company human resources and wellness professionals.