Parents can use Halloween to share a scary ghost story that can help kids avoid personal finance horror tales later in life, according to one financial education author. In the audio adventure "Sammy and the Greedy Ghost," a bunny who loves to bank discovers his savings have gone missing. Sammy Rabbit uses a system of four jars, one each for saving, investing, giving, and smart spending. After chasing down clues, he discovers a ghost at the center of the heist, living in his own attic.

Kids can hear the spooky tale and its uplifting ending on a two-disc audio CD titled Sammy's Secret, Dream, and Discovery. Not only does the story encourage kids to plan how they use their savings, it reinforces the idea that stashing money in the bank offers more security than hoarding cash at home. The work of Sammy Rabbit creator Sam X. Renick, the CD set offers a total of 29 tracks designed to help parents offer positive messages about money management to their kids throughout the year.

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