The head of a major subprime lender told Sioux Falls television viewers that Consumer Reports acted unfairly when dubbing his company's product the "worst credit card in America." KELO-TV reporter Angela Kennecke interviewed Miles Beacom, President and CEO of First Premier Bank, shortly after the consumer publication made its proclamation. Consumer Reports' editors cited the First Premier Bank MasterCard for a high annual fee, high interest rates, and a series of application fees that can eat up more than half of the card's credit limit upon opening an account.

Beacom remarked that his company must set high rates to remain in the business of offering credit cards to consumers with low credit scores. He also noted that many of the fees cited by Consumer Reports can vary based on current promotions, but that federal regulations require the bank to supply the costs for "worst case scenarios." Even with demand for subprime credit cards declining overall, Beacom revealed that his company still receives 300,000 credit card applications per month while issuing only 40,000 accounts each month.

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