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American Express waives annual fees for military personnel, their spouses

American Express offers quite the money-saving perk to military personnel: The issuer waives the annual fees for its credit cards – even for CardName, which comes with a $550 annual fee price tag. This is largely an under-the-radar perk, but can be a huge moneysaver for American Express cardholders, especially if you're a service member who [...]

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3 reasons you need more than one credit card

Your credit card is lonely. And, more importantly, your rewards probably aren't racking up as quickly as they could be or working for you as hard as they should be. Maybe you've heard that you should have more than one credit card in your wallet or, conversely, maybe you've heard that one credit card is all [...]

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How do credit card issuers define 'travel'?

This is about the time of year when everyone starts thinking about redeeming travel rewards. That is, it's cold outside, and you want to go somewhere warm. If you are somewhere warm, you're probably thinking this might be a good time to find the white stuff and pull out the skis. Whatever your rationale, if [...]

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Age-by-age guide to teaching kids about money

If you're a parent who has ever made any questionable financial decisions, like buying a car you really couldn't afford, you've promised yourself - my kids are not going to make the same mistakes. But your kids probably aren't listening to you now when you tell them to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket [...]

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Credit card guide to Spring Break: 6 things to know before you go

Your bags are packed, your reservations are made, and Spring Break looks like it's going to be legendary. But legendary can go both ways. So the question is, will you remember your vacation because it was one of the best weeks of your life, or the worst? After all, while there are many factors that can [...]

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What does credit card rental car insurance cover?

Most of us have been there, standing in line at the rental car counter when the agent asks whether you'd like to purchase insurance. You hesitate, wondering if saving $25 a day is worth the risk, but then you remember that your credit card covers you - or does it? It's always important to read the [...]

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What does the fine print say on a credit card agreement?

Ah, the "fine print." Overly complicated and wrapped in eye-straining, microscopic font. Where else can you find phrases like "in accordance with law" and "terms shall remain in force"? Yet the fine print should never be ignored, especially in certain areas of life such as medicine, contracts and, especially, credit card agreements. "What's at stake with my [...]

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Make a new year resolution for your credit health in 2017

Your mental and physical health usually top New Year's resolutions lists each year, but let's not forget how important your credit card health is, too. After all, if your credit card health dwindles, the debt disease could set in and that could wreck your overall credit health. And that credit health, well, if it suffers [...]

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11 tips to protect your credit this holiday season

Your credit score can tank as fast as the holidays approach if you're not careful. You get in the spirit of the season, feeling grateful for friends, family and… plastic and suddenly things are out of control. Freezing the cards no longer deters you because nowadays you can swipe, slide, tap, enter or scan credit cards. [...]

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5 unconventional ways credit cards can save you money

It's coming. That moment when you realize it's time to buy a new car, pay for your child's education, retire, replace your refrigerator… and the list goes on and on. It's a fact of life that major expenses are going to come up. They just do. Sometimes you get years to plan ahead – as [...]

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