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Credit Card Debt

  • House of cards: 7 signs your household is too dependent on credit

    In the popular Netflix series "House of Cards," Kevin Spacey plays a character who builds a career by carefully layering one deception on top of another, much like someone building a house of cards. For too many American households, the tools of deception are not playing cards but credit cards, and it is the worst [...]

  • Is owning a credit card even necessary?

    Most of us reach into our wallets to pull out a credit card to buy a plane ticket or a pair of shoes we found online without even thinking about it. But for millions of people without a credit card, each of these purchases isn't as simple. People opt to not have plastic in their [...]

  • Should you use peer-to-peer lending to pay off your credit cards?

    When Matt Jabs compared the interest rates on his three credit cards and auto loan with those offered through a popular peer-to-peer lending site, it was a no-brainer to use the service. "All were at a higher interest than the interest rate through Lending Club," he said. "It also simplified my repayments." As the founder of websites [...]

  • Does your credit pass the stress test?

    Since April is National Stress Awareness Month - and Financial Literacy Month too - now is the perfect time to identify the personal finance issues that could cause stress for you and your loved ones. Money problems of all kinds are a major source of anxiety and stress for many Americans. Anxiety and stress can lead [...]

  • 5 financial Band-Aids that can make the bleeding worse

    You've resolved to improve your financial situation this year. Maybe you want to pay off a loan, knock off some credit card debt or boost your credit score. Way to go! As you set out to accomplish your goal, beware and avoid options that seem like quick fixes. Often, they only help at the surface temporarily, [...]

  • Good credit gone bad: 3 things you must do

    You've been good. Your credit cards are current. Up until now you've had stellar credit and you've been able to charge purchases to your credit card without giving it a second thought. Now, it's uh-oh time. You didn't see your employer headed for financial trouble. You're hanging on, but you've taken a huge pay cut. Or, you weren't [...]

  • Dying with debt: Will your children inherit your obligations?

    When Lisa Boesen's parents died a few years ago, they left $60,000 in credit card debt. Lisa and her two siblings were surprised, but they had never discussed their parents' finances. Within a month, creditors began aggressively calling. One credit card company, which repeatedly called Boesen trying to negotiate a payment, ended up putting a [...]

  • 7 steps to stress-free holiday spending

    Do you usually end up in credit card debt after the holidays? If so, then make a vow right now that this will be the year you change history. It won't be easy, but you really can get through the holidays without buying stuff you can't afford. How? By following this simple, 7-step plan to a debt-free holiday [...]

  • 5 credit card traps that can ruin your retirement

    Your golden years should be filled with things you've always dreamed about. Maybe it's a cruise to the Mediterranean with your significant other. Or maybe you're just looking forward to having the time to attend your grandson's baseball games. These dreams can quickly turn into nightmares if you aren't careful about the way you handle credit [...]

  • CardRatings.com Poll: 36% of Consumers Have Student Loan Debt on Credit Cards

    With the soaring cost of a college education, it's getting harder and harder for students to be completely debt free when they graduate. Many students do get loans through private or federal sources but some still use their credit cards to help them make ends meet. Recently, CardRatings.com teamed up with Chef2Chef.net, a culinary community and [...]

  • Debt Diet: Is Shedding Credit Card Debt Similar to Shedding Weight?

    Jean Chatzky is the financial editor for the Today Show, a columnist for the New York Daily News, and author of six books, including Pay It Down. Jean has now created an online debt reduction program called Debt Diet Online.  CardRatings.com reporter, Mike Killian, interviewed her to get the scoop on her new debt diet site. Mike:  [...]

  • Learn to Lower Your Credit Card Debt for Free!

    Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, aka The Money Coach, is a well known motivational speaker who helps consumers tackle debt issues head, including credit card debt. In addition to her professional speaking engagements, Lynnette also offers non-sponsored, FREE seminars to churches and other organizations as a part of her Zero Debt Tour. The Zero Debt Tour is basically [...]

  • Do You Still Need a Debt Settlement Firm?

    The NY Times recently wrote two interesting articles about credit card debt settlement ( A Nervous Time For Professional Debt Collectors and Credit Bailout). The general sentiment by many consumer advocates is that the do-it-yourself approach to debt settlement is currently the best option. So, given the current environment and the fact that many debt settlement [...]

  • The Party's Over: Dealing With Holiday Credit Card Bills

    The novelty of many Christmas gifts has eroded. The champagne bottles from New Year's Eve celebrations are being placed in recycling bins. The much-anticipated new millennium is finally here. The new year brings much promise, but not everyone is optimistic about the prospects for the new year - particularly those that soon will be getting [...]

  • Credit Card Debt Reduction Tips

    In addition to encouraging credit card competition through promoting the most attractive cards in the country, we strive to help consumers cope with credit card debt by teaching various debt reduction strategies. We hope that you find the following tips beneficial... Interest Rate Awareness:We can not stress enough the importance of being aware of credit card [...]