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Chase Bank Credit Cards

  • Best credit cards with no foreign transaction fee

    Traveling abroad can be an eye-opening experience: the culture, the food, the architecture… the credit card bill! Using a credit card when traveling can be a very convenient and useful practice, however, despite advances in international payment processing speed and security, many American banks still charge foreign transaction fees of 3 to 5 percent for [...]

  • Chase boosts British Airways Visa offer with 100,000 bonus miles

    Editor's Note:  This limited-time offer has expired.  British Airways and Chase Card Services just raised their bets in the bidding war over high-spending international travelers. Sign up for the British Airways Visa Signature Card during April 2011, and you'll earn one of the biggest frequent flier bonuses in banking history: 100,000 frequent flier miles. You'll get [...]

  • Chase Blueprint Part 2: Understanding Full Pay and Split

    Editor's Note:  This interview is the second of a three-part interview with Phil Christian, Senior Vice President of Chase Credit Card Services. Part one of our three-part article on Chase Blueprint introduced the new program and its unique set of consumer-friendly elements. Part two delves into the details of Blueprint's Full Pay and Split Pay features. Full Pay: Avoid Paying [...]

  • Introducing Blueprint from JP Morgan Chase

    Editor's Note:  This interview is the first of a three-part interview with Phil Christian, Senior Vice President of Chase Credit Card Services. Would you consider a credit card that allows cardholders to select special financing terms for individual purchases? Yes, you read that correctly. Chase Blueprint from JP Morgan Chase lets customers design their own plan to [...]