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Your credit card company owes you one, perhaps in the form of a drink at the end of the working week, a round of golf or a spa treatment. You may not immediately associate credit card companies with such generosity, but it's true -- your next outing could be their treat! And there may be many [...]

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Do online tracking tools inspire spending or saving?

According to a 2012 financial literacy survey conducted by Harris Interactive, fewer than half of Americans track their expenses as part of a monthly household budget. Researchers from Rasmussen Reports reported similar findings in their own survey, adding that many of us without personal budgets rely on credit cards or personal savings when our paychecks [...]

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4 credit cards to turn your wallet into a workhorse

Pay for your everyday purchases with a plain vanilla debit or credit card, and you could be leaving as much as 6 percent of your household budget in the cashier’s till each month. Our survey of the market’s best cash back rewards cards reminds us that you can earn some significant rebates, just by focusing [...]

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Credit cards that want to pay you cash to sign-up

If you've been getting weary from the cat-and-mouse games with credit card issuers, you'll be pleased to hear that you may finally have the upper hand--at least when it comes to these credit cards. These credit card issuers are so anxious for your business that they're willing to pay you to sign up for their [...]

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Credit Card Smackdown: Cash Back vs. Airline Rewards

Airline credit cards may lure you in with promises of big bonuses and double miles, but savvy consumers know to look for the fine print. In many cases, you might reap more benefits by trading your airline reward credit card for a cash back credit card.Sky-High Annual Fees on Many Airline Credit Cards Airlines and credit card [...]

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Discover Card Holiday Credit Card Promotion Offers Cash Back Rewards for Year-End Gifts

Officials at Discover Card have pulled out all the stops to make this holiday season a rewarding one for their cardholders. Back in August, company representatives told reporters that a series of promotions would highlight their card's added value, especially during a tighter-than-usual holiday season. With some advance planning, shoppers can swipe their Discover Cards and earn [...]

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CashBack Credit Cards - Consumer Tips

How does a little extra cash in your pocket sound? Maybe you could use it for a nice dinner out on your birthday, a movie night with that special someone, a rainy day shopping spree, college savings for you or your child, or even to pay down your mortgage. Keep dreaming because if you had [...]

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