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4 credit card fears (and how to overcome them)

Credit cards are a great financial tool, but they can be hazardous if misused. CardRatings and OP4G recently asked 2,000 Americans (ages 25 and older) about their biggest credit card fears. Read on to learn more about these fears and how to face them. Overspending Overspending was a top fear in our survey, with 28.69 percent of [...]

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Credit cards, calories and computing: America's modern addictions

Is your mail carrier experiencing back pain as a result of hefting your monthly credit card statements into your mailbox? No? Well count yourself lucky. A recent poll commissioned by CardRatings.com reveals roughly one in seven Americans saying they're unable to go more than 24 hours without using their credit cards. And that's more than [...]

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You bought what? 8 crazy credit card purchases

Have you ever done anything crazy with a credit card? Most Americans have, according to a new study conducted by Op4G on behalf of CardRatings.com. From weddings to weed, people charge the darnedest things. This would be mildly amusing if it were not for the tremendous cost. According to the Federal Reserve, credit card balances have been [...]

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How loyal are credit card holders?

Credit card advertisements are almost unavoidable. Just about every commercial break on television features Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon or some other celebrity pitching a credit card, and then there are the offers that pop up on websites or arrive in your mailbox. Are these advertisers wasting their breath -- not to mention their money and [...]

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Are we using credit more but enjoying it less?

If you can see yourself hanging out with the well-heeled couple in those Chase Sapphire commercials, you probably made it through the recession relatively unscathed. Not everyone's feeling so fortunate, though. According to a joint poll run by MSN Money and CardRatings.com, nearly three in four Americans report having frozen or cut back their use of [...]

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CardRatings.com Poll: 36% of Consumers Have Student Loan Debt on Credit Cards

With the soaring cost of a college education, it's getting harder and harder for students to be completely debt free when they graduate. Many students do get loans through private or federal sources but some still use their credit cards to help them make ends meet. Recently, CardRatings.com teamed up with Chef2Chef.net, a culinary community and [...]

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CardRatings.com Poll: Majority of Consumers Plan on Spending More on Credit Cards This Holiday Season

A recent poll conducted by CardRatings.com found that a majority of consumers anticipate spending more on their credit cards this holiday season than last. Our founder and consumer advocate Curtis Arnold believes this may be an encouraging sign of consumer confidence as the nation slowly recovers from the recession.   "I think it is encouraging that consumers are indicating [...]

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CardRatings.com Poll Finds Many Disagree with Law Restricting Credit to Students

A recent poll conducted by CardRatings.com found that a many consumers disapprove of the new law restricting credit for consumers under the age of 21. Of the 956 respondents, 313 poll takers -- or 33 percent -- felt the new law is unfair.  One of the credit card industry's leading experts weighs in. "Considering how polarizing the student [...]

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CardRatings.com Poll Reveals Consumers Facing Credit Line Cuts

A recent poll on CardRatings.com revealed that consumers continue to battle unforeseen reductions in lines of credit. Of the 810 respondents, 411 polltakers -- or 51 percent -- indicated that their credit lines had been lowered during the past 180 days. One of the credit industry's leading experts weighs in. "The mass media has been reporting [...]

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Cardratings.com Poll Finds Credit Card Act of 2009 Worries Consumers

Ironically, a recent poll conducted on CardRatings.com found that the CARD Act has many people worried. Two provisions of the pro-consumer act will actually go into effect this Thursday. Little Rock, AR (PRWEB) August 19, 2009 -- A recent poll conducted on consumer education site CardRatings.com found that the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act has many people worried. [...]

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