Parents facing financial frustration after the recent recession have adopted new methods to teach their children how to build better relationships with money. In Santa Barbara, financial literacy expert Elisabeth Donati runs Camp Millionaire, a series of two-day and five-day day camp events designed to enhance students' understanding of how to both save and earn money.

Donati has also made one of her event's signature exercises available as a standalone game that can be played in schools or as a family. The Money Game takes participants through the process of setting budgets, developing earning power, and reacting to budget-busting life events.

The move to marketing her teaching as an educational game has given Donati the ability to scale her work beyond local events, while reaching larger audiences across the country. Parents and educators can order The Money Game directly from Donati's website, in a ready-to-play version or in a series of downloadable, printable game templates. A network of certified coaches can help adults learn the game and facilitate games at schools, in churches, or at home.

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