Experian Helps Deliver Financial Literacy Education to Community Banks
A prominent coalition of banks has teamed up with credit bureau Experian to expand financial education initiatives in America's urban centers and distressed communities. The National Bankers Association Foundation announced this month that its partnership with Experian would bring compelling financial literacy workshops and classes to member bank branches, schools, and community centers throughout the country.

"Ensuring all consumers have access to useful resources to help them better manage their finances is a core value for Experian," said Experian spokesperson Maxine Sweet. "Through this initiative with the NBA Foundation, we can help families in need obtain educational tools that will help them build and protect their financial future."

Experian's partnership with the NBA Foundation extends its fifteen-year history of providing financial literacy education to consumers across the United States. A companion website, developed by the partners, will offer local bank managers and program facilitators the ability to updated learning materials throughout the initiative.

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