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Added July 29, 2010 from: Mike Killian
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Answered By Mike Killian:

Question: I have excellent credit and I'm looking for a rewards credit card with no annual fee. I would prefer travel rewards. What do you suggest?

 Answer: There are many good opportunities available and my recommendation is to go to CardRatings.com. There you can pick and choose some of the criteria that you mentioned in your question.

As an example certain cards may offer bonus cash back for select categories that change each quarter, (upon enrollment), whereas a travel card may offer significant bonus miles for using a specific airline. On the other hand there are cards available that offer points for every dollar spent on any airline. Cards that are specifically geared as travel rewards, especially with a specific airline carrier, tend to carry an annual fee. However they may also offer additional perks that offset the annual fee.

There are other things to look for, as well. Check the interest rates and annual fees. If you plan on transferring any balances, balance transfer fees would be important. These are all listed at the same location on CardRatings.com. Simply pick and choose your preferences and apply. With excellent credit, you should have little trouble obtaining the card that best suits your needs.

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